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Hollie Allcorn

How to choose an Executor

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An Executor's role is to ascertain the assets you own, account to HMRC in respect of inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax, obtain a Grant of Probate, transfer or sell any property and then distribute your estate in accordance with your Will....

Heir Hunters - how the state could get your estate

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Every year, thousands of people die intestate - without leaving a Will. In rare circumstances where a person dies without at least one living relative, the estate will, after a period of 12 years, go to the Crown. However, there are companies of professional...

Do I still need a Will if I don't have any assets?

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One of the common misconceptions preventing people from putting a Will in place is the view that they don't have anything to leave, for example a property or savings. However, regardless of age or personal circumstances very few people have nothing to...