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Keri Constantatou

"not-spots" to become "rural hot-spots"

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Poor phone coverage in rural communities has been a hot topic in recent years. It affects not only domestic users but more importantly, rural businesses. Well now it appears there might be ‘clearer signals’ on the horizon for mobile phone users...

Who has the 'right to roam' over farmland?

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The sheer number of footpaths that criss-cross this country is a fabulous reason for lovers of the outdoors to strap on their boots and get roaming, but what you need to remember is that those seemingly empty fields and miles and miles of tracks, pathways,...

Seller vs Buyer - the importance of drafting relating to overage agreements

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The recent decision by the High Court in the case of Sparks v Biden [2017] EWHC 1994 (Ch) goes to show the importance of thorough drafting particularly when it comes to overage agreements. The basis for the case was that the parties entered into an...