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An upsurge in divorce for the over 60's.

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Statistics show that more than 11,500 people in their 60's were divorced (based on the latest figures published for 2009) which is a rise of over 4%. There was a fall in the divorce rate for all other age groups. What are the causes of this increase? This has been variously attributed to couples, perhaps reaching retirement and then without the routine of work to occupy them, find they have fallen out of love or even dislike their spouse. Others, the article suggests, find they no longer have anything in common once their children have flown the nest. Some, it would seem, adapt relatively well to an enormous, life-changing event. Others are bewildered and according to Esther Rantzen TV presenter and journalist "feel they have been left high and dry in circumstances they had never anticipated and they are very unhappy. It is a real tragedy". Certainly, the Family Law Team at Gepp & Sons have witnessed an increase in clients seeking advice about a possible divorce at an important stage in their lives. Joanna Moore, Partner in the team, said "these decisions are never taken lightly, but we are here to guide our clients through the various options and to consider the impact those decisions may have on both our clients' emotional and financial well being following the divorce. Most importantly, housing and pension provision will need to be carefully considered even if a pension is already being paid to one spouse. Fairness is the key". If you are contemplating a separation or divorce following a long marriage, you are warmly invited to attend an initial free consultation with a member of the Family Team to discuss all possibilities. Please contact on 01245 228106 or The above is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.