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Personal Injury Claims reach unprecedented levels

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Recent statistics show that the British public are making an unprecedented amount of claims relating to personal injury. The number of people injured on UK roads over the past two years fell by nearly 8% however, the number of road traffic personal injury claims increased with 1,200 whiplash claims alone per day last year. Such an increase suggests that people injured in an accident are becoming more likely to make a claim for compensation even for less serious injuries. These types of statistics have led to injury claims in general rising by £0.8 billion during the corresponding period. Furthermore with temperatures plummeting over the winter months to record lows, conditions on UK roads and pavements have been treacherous and will only serve to increase the number of claims made by the British public. However, statistics do show that many people still choose not to make a claim where they are often hurt through no fault of their own. One cause of this could be the media influence which claims that the British public has adopted a compensation culture. Many argue that businesses in particular are suffering in light of an increase in costs as a result of the high levels of personal injury claims being made by employees. In contrast to this while businesses are understandably looking to reduce costs Alexandra Dean of Gepp & Sons warns that "this should not be at the expense of compromising safety, every individual is entitled to bring a claim against the responsible party who has caused injury though negligence that could have been avoided". With all personal injury claims, you will need to prove that the injury, illness or disease was caused as a result of the negligence of another party. At Gepp & Sons, our specialist personal injury lawyers are highly experienced in such matters and can assist you in compiling your evidence and presenting it to the third party insurers. Examples of different claims include: • Accidents at work • Road Traffic Accidents • Slipping or tripping accidents in the street • Sports injuries • Industrial Diseases • Injuries caused by violent crime • Injuries caused by the negligence of hospital, doctors or dentists. We can tell you whether you have a claim to bring, the likely value of that claim and obtain the necessary evidence to maximize the compensation you receive, bringing your case to a satisfactory conclusion. No Win No Fee Arrangements are available, subject to assessment and some disbursements. • For additional information please contact: Alexandra Dean of Gepp & Sons. The above is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.