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Beware of business orders that seem too good to be true

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British businesses are being targeted by criminal organisations in China with fraudulent offers of big orders in return for cash incentives. A local solicitor is advising that anyone who is approached out of the blue with an enquiry of this sort should take great care. "We know about this because of a warning from the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC)," says Edward Worthy of Gepp & Sons in Chelmsford. "British companies can receive large orders, but are then asked to visit China with cash to make commission payments or simply to 'smooth procedures'. Of course, once the payment is made, both the order and the money vanish without trace." This sort of scam is becoming more common and more sophisticated. Edward Worthy is concerned that businesses might fall for it in the face of tougher economic conditions. "British companies are particularly keen to win orders from China," he continues. "With a tightening domestic economy, it's tempting to believe that completely unsolicited orders like these are genuine. If you have any doubts, let the CBBC know through their website:" Fraud takes many forms, however, and small companies are often at risk because they do not have adequate protection in place. "It is often worth talking to a legal professional to discuss how you can protect your business better," Edward Worthy continues. "Call us on 01245 228124 if you have any doubts about a deal you are involved in at the moment or if you would like to know more about avoiding becoming a victim of fraud." Notes to Editors: For additional information or comment please contact: Edward Worthy of Gepp & Sons on 01245 228124