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Climate Change Act will lead to new 'green' rules for everyone

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Climate Change Act will lead to new 'green' rules for everyone New green legislation introduced in late November by the UK Government has been greeted as a world first making Britain a leader on Climate Change. According to a local solicitor, the Climate Change Act will affect the way we all live in the years to come by tying this and future governments to legally binding targets designed to achieve an 80% cut in damaging emissions by 2050. Edward Worthy of Gepp & Sons in Chelmsford, says: "We should all welcome this legislation, but there is no doubt that achieving such a radical reduction will place significant demands on households and businesses everywhere." "It is certain that there will be a raft of new rules in the near and medium-term which will target our homes and private vehicles, with the aim of reducing the energy we all consume." "In order to be effective in changing our behaviour, we expect that these will involve both attractive inducements and strict penalties. So it is very important that we all understand our new responsibilities as they emerge." Gepp & Sons will be ensuring that its experts fully understand the implications of new green rules as they emerge so that they can advise people of the personal actions they should be taking to combat Climate Change. According to Edward Worthy, "We are already fully conversant with the current rules affecting matters as diverse as building regulations, waste disposal and insulation. So anybody seeking guidance is welcome to contact us on 01245 228124, both now and into the future as the rules change." - ends - Notes to Editors: • For additional information or comment please contact: Edward Worthy of Gepp & Sons.