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Gepp & Sons Leading the Way in Legal IT

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The average law firm has come a long way since the age of wax and red ribbon. Whether lawyers like it or not, most firms now have at least some form of database system which allows them to store the legal documents they produce electronically, as well as on paper. Gepp & Sons has been at the forefront of the technical revolution in legal services for many years now and this market-leading approach continues with the phasing-in of IRIS LAW ENTERPRISE supplied by Iris Legal Solutions. The system will allow case managers to give a more streamlined approach to all of our clients because, not only does the system have the ability to store names and addresses of our clients and the documents which our lawyers produce, but it is also a system allowing entire conveyancing matters to be run electronically. Tracy Slayman, Gepp & Sons in-house Software Developer, explains: "Buying and selling one's home is widely acknowledged to be one of the most stressful event of people's lives so it is important that we can always be in a position to keep our clients fully updated with the details of their transaction. Our new system is so flexible that as soon as we saw it in action, we knew that the firm had to buy in to help keep us at the cutting edge of legal technology". Tracy was recently invited to give a presentation to other law firms at a national event regarding our experiences of implementing this new technology. "It was a large event and I must admit I was a little nervous beforehand". Tracy says, "however, it was very interesting to see the reactions of those firms who had decided to postpone updating their systems, either because they wanted someone else to try it first before they did, or for financial reasons due to the recession". Tracy comments "to many people IT is not a particularly stimulating subject, and some even view it as a necessary evil, but these days it is key to our operational efficiency and our ability to provide a wide ranging and constantly improving service to our clients".