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The Military Law Department is headed by Roger Brice, Senior Partner and Higher Court Advocate, who has a formidable reputation for representing Service Personnel in Court Martials in theUnited Kingdom,Northern Irelandand representing them abroad wherever there is a need.  He practices very regularly at theColchester   Military Court, Merville Barracks.

Roger is the Chairman of the Forces Law Network, a network of Solicitors throughout theUnited Kingdomwho offer a comprehensive range of legal services to Service Personnel and retired Service Personnel.  Roger is also Honorary Treasurer of the Association of Military Court Advocates in theUnited Kingdomand is in regular dialogue with other key players in theMilitary Courtsystem.

Roger has been involved in many high profile cases including Trials involving several Service Personnel charged with the murder of an Iraqi civilian, in Op Telic.  The case involved Roger travelling toIraqfor the preparation of the case.  All the Defendants were subsequently acquitted.

Gepp & Sons regularly deal with Court Martials involving the full range of Criminal and Military Law and we regularly attend interviews with Service Personnel and members of the Special Investigations Branch and Royal Military Police, both in theUnited Kingdomand abroad.  We are regularly appointed directly by Service Personnel to represent them at Court Martial proceedings and appointed by the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority on behalf of Service Personnel.  Representation is accepted both privately and under the terms of the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority.

In addition to representing Service Personnel before Court Martials we also represent Service Personnel in disciplinary proceedings.

Armed Forces also have the advantage of wide expertise that Gepp & Sons has in matters of Employment, Litigation, Wills and Probate, Family Law, Resettlement and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Gepp & Sons know the language of the Military, our Property and Conveyancing Department regularly deal with Service Personnel, taking advantage of the long service advance of pay (LSAP) scheme to help them get on the housing ladder.  Eligible personnel can receive an interest free loan of up to £8,500 which can be put towards the security of buying a house, perhaps as a deposit.

The expertise that Gepp & Sons have dealing with Members of the Armed Forces is second to none.

For further information please contact Roger Brice 01206 369889 or

This above is not legal advice; it is intended to only provide information of general interest.