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New "cyber strategy" to protect against online attack

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New "cyber strategy" to protect against online attack Following the publication last month of the UK's first ever cyber security strategy, a local solicitor has highlighted how seriously the government is taking the threat of fraud, identity theft and other forms of e-crime against individual citizens. According to Gepp Solicitors in Chelmsford, "This strategy is basically part of the wider National Security Strategy, which is primarily designed to protect Britain as a whole against hostile states and terrorism. The publication of a cyber strategy is a sign of the government's recognition that it needs to bolster its defences against a growing internet-based threat, and that individuals are at threat as well as government departments, financial markets and key businesses."

Gepp does not believe, though, that people need to take any new special measures to protect themselves. "Most people are already aware of the need to protect themselves online and not to respond carelessly to unsolicited emails that may be fraudulent or even contain viruses. It's mainly a matter of common sense, and we all have to stay alert to the potential of criminal activity."Gepp does accept, however, that despite the care that most of us take, some people continue to fall victim to online cons and other forms of crime. "If you do believe that you have been targeted, you should report it to the authorities to help protect others from suffering in the same way,". "If you would like professional advice on the actions open to you following an attack, we'd be delighted to discuss your options with you – just call us on 01245 228131 to set up a meeting." For additional information or comment please contact us