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The 1803 List of Loyal Chelmsford Volunteers

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Gepp & Sons Solicitors have recently presented to the Essex Regiment Museum, a detailed copy of the List of the Loyal Chelmsford Volunteers originally formed by Rector John Morgan in 1798 (reformed in 1803) with the assistance of Thomas and George Gepp to counter the ever increasing threat of invasion from Napoleon. Edward Worthy of Gepp & Sons (left) & Ian Hook of the Essex Regiment Museum Whilst the threatened invasion never materialised, so the Loyal Volunteers services were, mercifully, never tested, by 1804 hostilities with France were at such a pitch that Captain Gepp found himself draughted in to the regular army in addition to service with the Loyal Volunteers. Fortunately he was posted in Chelmsford as reserve, thereby still allowing him time to conduct his legal business during the day. Although the war was not to end until 1815, the Corps was consigned to history in 1809.