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World record broken ?

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On Monday, 5th December 2011, Neil McNab from Gepp & Sons in Chelmsford was invited to be the official adjudicator for Virgin Active's Guinness World Record 'Pedal to the Metal' attempt at their Canary Riverside branch in Canary Wharf. The record, which was coordinated worldwide, was an attempt at breaking the record for having the most people at any one time participating in a spinning class for a continuous 15 minute period. Neil was pleased to report that all of the 26 participants he was adjudicating completed their part of the record attempt, despite the personal trainers who conducted the class ensuring they still had a proper workout! They also had to participate under the strict conditions of having to wear a Christmas-themed fancy dress hat, which was a requirement that even Neil had to comply with. Whilst the official results are still awaited, Neil was honoured to be invited by Virgin Active to be part of their record breaking attempt, which was simultaneously used to raise money for two very worthwhile charities. We would like to say a huge congratulations to all involved at Virgin Active, and to the participants, and we look forward to receiving confirmation that the world record has been broken.