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It is that time of year when the 'Road Safety' adverts start to hit the screens. This year alone a man was caught filming himself doing 192 mph in Northamptonshire and another speeder caught in a BMW 5 Series doing 152 in Linconshire. This week the BBC published some startling footage of a young motorist 'flipping his car' - ouch!

However its not just Drink Driving or Speeding that can get motorists into trouble. Driving without due care and attention is a serious offence. You cant just blame the icy road for ending up in a ditch or say you thought you had enough time to get through the lights whilst they were still amber! 

Our highly established Motor Crime Team is on hand all through the Christmas and New Year period to ensure you get expert representation and achieve the best result should you fall foul of the law! Their objective is quite simple, they work extremely hard to keep their client on the road... 

If you require legal representation for any motoring offences please contact our specialist Crime Team on either 01245 358894 or