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Bulleting for a Will

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Bulleting for a Will

Created by Ryder Carroll, bullet journals have taken social media by storm, with over seven million people picking up their pens.

Intended to help you live a more meaningful and productive life, bullet journals have seen millions of people successfully and therapeutically plan their lives in both the short and long time.

Bullet journalists have commented that this new method of noting their daily activities has helped them to maintain better control over their finances, save for the future and increase their accountability when it comes to achieving personal and professional goals. 

Whatever way you choose to plan for your future, whether it’s by putting pen to paper or a different method entirely, it’s never too early to ensure that you’ve appropriate plans in place. Whether those plans take the form of a bullet journal, or look more traditional by way of Will, Lasting Power of Attorney or wider estate planning, I have seen how invaluable it is to ensure that you have planned ahead.

What would your bullet journal page for your Will look like? 

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