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"Death, the elephant in the corner?"

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When I start these blogs, I often make the generic comment that "death" is a topic that we do not enjoy talking about; that it is not a dinner table conversation starter. However, the upcoming Pixar film Coco appears to be seeking to buck that trend.

Death is not something that a children's film has shied away from. I'm sure you will all remember having to comfort or be comforted following the death of Bambi's mother or Mustafa in the Lion King. However, Coco seems to tackle the subject of death in a way that some reviewers have described as a "wondrously inventive and life-affirming way". For those of you that plan to see the film, I will not seek to provide any spoilers but one of the principles that runs through the film is that a person will die twice; once when they leave the "Land of the Living" and a second time when they are forgotten by their friends and relatives.

As well as Pixar have done tackling this topic and provoking people to think about death, considering our own demise or dealing with the loss of a loved one remains something we do not want to face up to ourselves. However, I believe that by making sufficient plans while you are able and/or seeking advice when confronted with the loss of a family member some of the stress that can so swiftly follow when dealing with all the formalities and paperwork that accompanies a death can be reduced. This could then allow you or your loved ones to spend this time doing what a family should be doing at this time; supporting each other, remembering and grieving, instead of stressing and worrying.

Should you wish to discuss how Gepp and Sons can assist you in planning for or dealing with the formalities that accompany death, if you have any questions or wish to book an appointment to discuss these in greater detail, if you are interested in making a will, for instance - please contact our private client team on 01245 228120 or email me at

This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.