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Disney+ Offers Both An Escape - But Also A Slice Of Reality

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Disney+ Offers Both An Escape - But Also A Slice Of Reality

As a Private Client solicitor, writing any type of blog or update is not always an easy task at the best of times, with our subject matter not always top of people's priority list. In this current national climate we all face, this task is not any easier. I, like many of us, am just trying to adjust how I do things, both with work and generally, to provide any sense of normality to day to day life.

Disney+, following its recent release, has certainly helped and could not have come at a better time - offering viewers the chance to escape into the depths of a comic book story, to fly off into a galaxy far far away or, for those of us a bit older, a trip back to one's childhood.

My wife and I revisited our childhood this weekend watching the reimaged version of the Lion King. With its nostalgic storyline and catchy songs, it was a splash of colour on our Saturday afternoon. However, as with all Disney films, even with their ability to help us escape, they are not afraid to shy away from bigger issues, such as family tragedy and death.

Thinking about this reminded me that while many things have changed, one thing has not and, as life has slowed down, you may not have a better chance to give serious consideration to your Will and estate planning.

The safety of you, our current clients and our staff remain paramount and, with this in mind, we have had to make some serious changes to the way we work. That being said I, and all my colleagues at Gepp Solicitors, remain available and committed to ensuring that you can still receive the high standard of advice that many have come to expect from this firm.

We can offer telephone or video appointments in place of the initial appointment and, amongst some of my more creative colleagues, we have arranged for Wills to be signed through windows to ensure that such an important document does not remain unsigned for a prolonged period but that you continue to remain safe.

If you wish to contact me or anyone within Gepp's Private Client department to discuss how we can help you at this time, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01245 228125 or email me directly at