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DIY may mean increased costs?

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I am not a handy man. If I try to undertake DIY it is most likely that I am going to hurt myself, damage something, hurt someone else or all of the above. I have learnt from experience that, in the long term, it is cheaper for me to pay someone who knows what they are doing to sort it for me as I am not as skilled as them and, in all honesty, have no idea what I'm doing!

As a Private Client solicitor, if you utter the words "DIY Will" or "DIY Probate" to me, these conjure the same shudders down my spine as if you asked me to try and fix something at my house.

Yes, you can do either of these yourself. However, you could also try and re-wire your house and you may make a pretty good job of it. But, without understanding the technicalities that go with it, you could very easily make a small mistake that causes unintended consequences.

It was only this week I was discussing with my colleague the impact of using the word "on" or "if" would have on a specific gift within the Will. By using the wrong word, you can completely change the intention of a gift, or worse the whole Will. Just like me doing my own DIY at home, if you do your own DIY Will or Probate you could inadvertently hurt yourself, damage something, hurt someone else or all of the above.

At Gepp Solicitors, both I and my colleagues have considerable experience of writing Wills and administering estate and have the knowledge to help you through the process.  Should you wish to wish to discuss how we can help in more detail please contact me on 01245 228120 or for further information.

This is not legal advice; it is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.