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Does your Will require a #10yearchallenge?

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I am not normally one to jump onto a social media trend, but as we have entered into 2019, a huge number of people have taken to various social media platforms and started to post "then and now" pictures and stories of themselves from 10 years ago.

I for myself can certainly say that in the last 10 years I have seen a significant amount of change in my life. Physically I am undertaking sporting challenges that the "2009 version" of myself would have never believed I would do let alone enjoy doing; mentally I have had to learn the importance of managing my own positive mental health; professionally I have continued to progress and develop through my career; and personally I have moved house numerous times and seen my family dynamic completely change.

What about you? What has happened to you in the last 10 years? Do you now have children or grandchildren? Have you got married or divorced? Have you had a health scare? How has your life and personal circumstances changed? Does your end of life plan need a review to reflect these changes?

I recently saw a couple who came in to see me in order to update their Wills. Upon review of their previous Wills, I noted that their last Wills were prepared in 1983 - 36 years ago (around the time the original pound coin was introduced!) - and during our conversations we established that their circumstances have changed so much that they were actually horrified that their 1983 Wills set out how their estate would be distributed if they had died with these Wills in place. These clients are not alone.

When was the last time you checked your Will? Do the people you would want to benefit from your estate still benefit or, like my clients, would you inadvertently omit those whom you care about most? I recommend my clients re-read their Wills every 4 years at a minimum, just to check all is still in order, even if no changes are required. Is it time to re-read your Will?

If you would like to arrange an appointment to review your Will, or to put your first Will in place, please contact me on 01245 228120 or for further information.