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While browsing the BBC News, I was really touched by the story of Gary Andrews and how he used a daily "doodle diary" to help him in his grief following the unexpected death of his wife. Mr Andrews shares pages of this diary on his social media page ( and if you get an opportunity I would strongly recommend having a look.

Losing someone close to you, especially when it is unexpected, is never easy and over the years I have seen many different ways that a client has tried to cope with this. One thing I have learnt, both dealing with clients and my own family, is that no words I can offer will make it any easier.

However, in my professional capacity, I can try to help and make things easier. I often find that clients can get overwhelmed by dealing with their own grief, supporting family members in their grief and then being bombarded by letters from anyone and everyone concerning the administration of the estate. What in normal circumstances could be straightforward suddenly becomes overwhelming.

Both I, and my colleagues at Gepp Solicitors, have vast experience with dealing with people in circumstances just like these. We have a team who can deal with all matters in house and can assist you with every aspect of an administration, whether it be legal or tax related. We can take care of all administration matters so that you can focus on what is important at a time of loss.

Should you feel overwhelmed or want assistance in administering an estate and wish to discuss how we can help please contact me on 01245 228120 or for further information.