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No Increase to Probate Fees!

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No Increase to Probate Fees!

Probate Fees 2019 and 2020 update.

Following proposals last November to increase probate fees, this week Justice Secretary Robert Buckland abolished the planned increases.

Probate fees are currently:

£215 for individuals
£155 if applications are made via a Solicitor.

Under the proposed new system, Probate fees would have been calculated according to the value of the estate. This meant that fees could potentially have ranged from £250 to nearer £6,000.

Buckland acknowledged that fees were important to fund the probate court system; however he explained that fees needed to be fair and proportionate and emphasised the need for a wider review before any changes to court fees are decided.

If you would like further information regarding how to obtain a Grant of Probate or have questions surrounding Probate fees, please telephone our Private Client department on 01245 658362.