Divorce & Separation Solicitors in Chelmsford

Ending a relationship brings with it a lot of practical issues you need to work through at a time when you may already be struggling with the emotional impact. Our divorce solicitors in Chelmsford are ready to step in and help make things easier at this difficult time.

We can provide clear, step-by-step guidance on everything you need to do for matters including:

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Financial relief
  • Children
  • Civil partnership dissolution
  • Separation for unmarried couples

Our divorce and separation lawyers in Chelmsford offer sympathetic support for our clients, a sensible approach to seeking amicable solutions where possible and robust representation when needed.

We offer decades of combined experience, with strong skills in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). As such, we can typically guide clients through divorce and separation without the need for court proceedings.

By offering professional, empathetic and realistic advice, we aim to make divorce and separation as straightforward and stress-free as possible for our clients.

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How our Chelmsford divorce lawyers can help you

Divorce proceedings

The legal process of ending a marriage can be relatively straightforward and is something you can do yourself but consulting an experienced divorce solicitor can often save you time and money.

Our team offer clear, experienced advice on how to complete every part of the divorce process correctly and as quickly as possible. We can ensure all deadlines are met and no mistakes are made that could hold up your divorce or end up costing you more.

Our divorce solicitors in Chelmsford can help with every part of divorce proceedings, including:

  • Completing and submitting divorce petition
  • Responding to divorce petitions
  • Dealing with defended divorce proceedings

Financial relief

Disentangling your finances can seem like a daunting task, with serious consequences for your future financial wellbeing if you get it wrong. Expert advice can ensure you get a fair division of your marital finances that safeguards your financial security.

Our team take a pragmatic approach to financial settlements. We have particular expertise in complex financial matters, including emergency applications for freezing injunctions and to set aside dispositions.

Our Chelmsford divorce solicitors can assist with financial matters including:

  • Negotiating divorce financial settlements
  • Financial Orders
  • Financial support for children


Getting the right legal advice on matters involving children during divorce and separation is essential. This allows you to protect your children’s best interests and your relationship with them.

Our team includes Family Law Partner Farhad Islam, who is an accredited member of the Children Panel, reflecting his leading expertise in this complex area.

Our divorce lawyers in Chelmsford can advise on child law issues including:

  • Negotiating child arrangements
  • Child Arrangements Orders
  • Varying child arrangements
  • Child contact and residence disputes
  • Changing children’s names following divorce
  • Relocating with children

Civil partnership dissolution

Ending a civil partnership brings with it the same issues as divorce, although with some minor differences to the process. Working with legal experts can help to ensure you are able to achieve a separation on the right terms for you and your loved ones with minimal fuss.

Our team can assist with matters including:

  • Initiating civil partnership dissolution proceedings
  • Responding to civil partnership dissolution proceedings
  • Financial relief for civil partnership dissolution
  • Child arrangements in civil partnership dissolution

Separation for unmarried couples

Couples who are not married or in a civil partnership can run into problems if they separate. This is because they have no automatic legal rights with regards to each other’s property and other assets, no matter how long they have lived together.

If you have a cohabitation agreement, this can help as it should define how your assets will be shared on separation. However, if no cohabitation agreement exists, you will be reliant on good will and negotiation to deal with these issues.

Our divorce and separation solicitors can assist with matters including:

  • Negotiating division of financial assets
  • Making arrangements for children
  • The application of cohabitation agreements during separation

Our approach to divorce and separation

Alternative dispute resolution

In the vast majority of cases, issues around divorce and separation can be resolved amicably through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This allows you to avoid the need for contentious court proceedings.

Our divorce and separation solicitors are highly skilled in the use of alternative dispute resolution, so can give you the best chance of achieving an outcome that meets your needs through non-confrontational means.

Our team includes members of Resolution, the leading network for family lawyers. Resolution members are committed to removing conflict from family law, which reflects our general approach.

Family court proceedings

Where an amicable solution cannot be reached or would not be appropriate (e.g. following instances of domestic abuse) then we may need to rely on family court proceedings.

Our team are highly experienced in dealing with divorce and separation through the courts, so can provide the very best advice and support should such an approach be required.

Our divorce and separation pricing

Fixed fee divorce and separation advice

We can offer fixed fees for some matters, such as preparing and responding to a divorce petition. This means you will be given a set price in advance that would only change if your requirements change.

Flexible funding arrangements

Where appropriate, we may be able to offer flexible funding arrangements to cover your legal costs, such as a deferred fee agreement, allowing you to put off paying some or all of your fees until you have reached a financial settlement.

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