Agreements for Lease in Essex

Agreements for Lease

An Agreement for Lease can be used where a Landlord and a Tenant want to agree to enter into a Lease at some future point. Reasons for this could be that the property needs to be developed before the Tenant can occupy it or the Lease is dependent something else taking place first.

If the property is being developed there will be a significant initial investment involved in construction and obtaining planning permission for a change of use or fit-out which makes it important from both the Landlord's and the Tenant's perspectives that their requirements are documented at the outset.

Due to the wide range of the matters the Agreement for Lease can cover, such as building requirements, tolerances in the floor area of the finished premises, insurance considerations, and warranties given by the builders, the document is often longer than the Lease itself so it is important to seek specialist advice.

At Gepp Solicitors we have experience in negotiating and settling this type of Agreement and we are well placed to advise either the Landlord or the Tenant.