Intellectual Property - protect what's yours

How much intellectual property does your business own – and what’s it worth? Chances are, more than you think.

From trademarks to brand identities, inventions to ‘know-how’, almost every business has valuable intellectual property that deserves protection.

At Gepp Solicitors, we understand what’s at stake – so you can be confident we’ll work hard to ensure your intellectual property stays safe. As your legal partner, we’ll give you practical advice and support that includes:

  • Reviewing and drafting contractual terms
  • Website audits for businesses trading online
  • Drafting software licences
  • Identifying rights such as trademarks and copyright
  • Enforcing your rights and advising on avoiding infringement
  • Advice on e-commerce
  • How to protect your business from passing off
  • Fixed fee trademark registration.

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