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What is a Notary Public? 

A Notary is a qualified lawyer - a member of the third and oldest branch of the legal profession in England and Wales. Their task it is to authenticate documents and transactions so that they can be effective in countries abroad.

The origin of notaries goes back over two thousand years to Roman times. Until 1533 notaries were appointed on papal authority by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Following the break from Rome, appointments continued to be made by the Archbishop of Canterbury - but on the authority of the Crown. The Archbishop's jurisdiction was, and is, exercised through one of the oldest of the English courts - the Court of Faculties, now physically located at the Precinct adjoining Westminster Abbey in London.

Our Notary service for businesses in Essex

We provide notarial services for businesses. Some commonly requested notarial services are:

  • Companies House documents.
  • Articles of Association.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Change of name certificates.
  • Annual returns.
  • Tenders.
  • HMRC documents.
  • Certificates of good standing.
  • Commercial documents.
  • Documents to open foreign bank accounts.
  • Company resolutions, minutes of meetings and other company documents.
  • Certification of identity of the Directors, Company Secretary or other Company officers.
  • International Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, Sworn Statements and Depositions.
  • Certified Share Issues.
  • Certified property transactions, transfers, purchases, sales.

Michael will confirm what documentation you will need to provide to conform with current anti-money laundering legislation. 

Our Notarial work is regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  We have a separate complaints procedure for Notarial work, details of which are available on request.


After a Notary has signed and sealed a document, the authorities or recipients in many countries may require the document to be legalised before it is accepted in that country.

We can advise you on whether your document will be valid just with the notarisation or whether it also needs to be legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office with an apostille. For countries that are a party to the Hague Convention, documents need only be legalised with the apostille in order to be accepted. For other countries, the documents also require Consular legalisation in order to be accepted.

We attend to legalisation both at the Foreign Office and Consulates using standard or priority services depending on your needs. Each consulate has different requirements and different turnaround times but we will keep you updated each step of the way.

Our fees are based on an hourly rate is £260 and the minimum fee is £60. The fee will depend on the nature, language, time constraints and use of the document.

Separate fees are charged by the Foreign Office and Consulates/ Embassies and we will inform you of the current rates when discussing your requirements.

Gepp Solicitors Specialist Notarial Service

Michael Callaghan has over 25 years experience in law. He qualified as a solicitor in 1992 having gained a degree in law from Birmingham University.  He joined Gepp Solicitors as a partner in 2012 and heads the Dispute Resolution Team specialising in all aspects of civil litigation.

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