Variation and Minor Variation Applications

Variation and Minor Variation Applications amending an existing premises licence

If you hold a premises licence and want to make changes you must apply for a Variation.  You can use a Variation Application to:

  • Add licensable activities not already allowed.
  • Remove or alter conditions on the premises licence.
  • Alter the plan of the premises that the premises licence relates.

If you hold a Premises Licence and want to make small changes you can apply for a Minor Variation.  Minor Variation applications can be used to:

  • Make small changes to the structure or layout of premises.
  • Add the provision of late night refreshment or regulated entertainment, such as the performance of plays or film exhibitions.
  • Make small changes to licensing hours.
  • Amend or remove licence conditions, such as any which might be considered out of date or unenforceable, or add new conditions.

You cannot use a Minor Variation Application to:

  • Add the retail or supply of alcohol to a licence.
  • Extend licensing hours for the sale or supply of alcohol at any time between 11pm and 7am.
  • Increase the amount of time on any day during which alcohol may be sold by retail or supplied.
  • Extend the period for which a time limited licence or certificate has effect.
  • Transfer the licence or certificate from one premise to another, or vary substantially the premises to which it relates.
  • Specify, in a premises licence, an individual as the premises supervisor.
  • Add the sale by retail or supply of alcohol as an activity authorised by a licence or certificate.
  • Dis-apply the mandatory conditions relating to a designated premises supervisor (there is a separate process by which community premises can apply for this).