Benefit Fraud Investigation?

What to do if you receive a letter and are invited for an interview under caution?

It is crucial that you get expert and immediate advice. Early instruction of a solicitor generally means that further information can be sourced relating to the allegations thus the line of questioning which will be put to you in interview. You are entitled to have a solicitor represent you in the interview and it is imperative that you have the best possible representation to ensure the best outcome for you both at this stage and beyond. An interview can give the first opportunity for a defence to be put forward which can then be positively pursued potentially leading to no further action. There are various routes other than prosecution which can be pursued for example an administrative penalty which would avoid any further action and any criminal liability.

What if the matter goes to court?

There are separate offences relating to such matters. Even though an initial decision may have been made to pursue the case to court, the case can be reviewed at any stage.  This can assist for example in making vigorous representations for such matters to be discontinued as they are not in the public interest, or if the prosecution does proceed to the full, thorough and extensive preparation of a defence case.

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Elizabeth Bradshaw is an expert in this field and leads our team who deal with such matters. She has dealt with cases throughout her career which include successful outcomes at tribunal hearings all the way through to successful defence at the Crown Court. We provide sensitive, supportive and expert assistance throughout  your case to ensure the best resolution possible.

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