ACAS Notification and Early Conciliation negotiations

If you have an employment dispute that cannot be resolved directly with your employer, then you are required to notify the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service ("ACAS") before you can make any claim to the Employment Tribunal. This is known as the Notification for Early Conciliation.

The Early Conciliation process allows the parties to explore a potential settlement of the claims in a mediatory way by having an ACAS Conciliator help the parties seek a settlement. Currently, the period lasts up to a month and can be extended to 6 weeks if the conciliator believes that there is a prospect of settlement, however this will change from 1 December 2020 where the period will become 6 weeks with no extension possible.

These talks can be stressful and upsetting on an already fraught situation and so we are happy to assist you and act on your behalf in liaising with ACAS, before a claim must be submitted. Our expertise in settlements and negotiations, coupled with our knowledge of the ACAS processes gives us insight to achieve settlements.

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