If you have decided to separate from your partner, there are certain practicalities that you will need to work out together. It may be that you are unsure if you will divorce or dissolve your civil partnership, perhaps because you are not ready to make such a final decision. In the interim, however, you will need certainty about matters such as:

  • Where each partner will live
  • Arrangements for any children you have together
  • How your money and assets will be divided
  • Whether both parties can afford to pay their bills if they live separately

A Separation Agreement could help you divide your finances and decide how you are going to live apart.

A separation agreement is a document that sets out the terms of your separation, addressing matters such as those listed above. However, negotiating a separation agreement can be challenging, particularly at a highly emotional time for you and your family.

At Gepps we can help you navigate an agreement with your partner during what can be a confusing and turbulent time. We will deal with your matter with sensitivity and can assist in preparing a separation agreement that clearly lays out your intentions in language you can understand.

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