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A trust can be a tax-efficient way to protect your family’s wealth provided it’s well managed. Whether you’re a trustee or a beneficiary, we’ll help make sure your trust protects your family.

How trusts work

A trust allows you to place money, property or assets under the control of named trustees. It can:

  • Protect your property and assets from tax and care home fees
  • Pass on your wealth to future generations
  • Provide for disabled relatives and vulnerable children
  • Allow you to gift assets to your children, while protecting your family’s wealth from divorce or bankruptcy.

Specialist support whenever you need it

At Gepp Solicitors, we’ve been helping families set up and administer trusts for generations. Whether you simply need expert advice or ‘hands on’ support, talk to us. We can help you:

  • Manage your trust day to day
  • Prepare any legal documentation
  • Finalise your trust and advise on any tax implications
  • If you’re a beneficiary, we can advise on your rights, tax position and the duty of the trustees to look after your interests.

We’re deeply committed to providing the best possible service, and we’re proud to provide the annual Wills & Trust seminar for MENCAP.

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