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Click here for our detailed COVID-19 information page 

The C-19 pandemic has forced businesses to find new ways of working.  Solicitors are no different.  We have embraced video meeting technology to allow us to meet our clients and make the business of engaging with your lawyer as easy as it was before (if not easier).  We are trialling new ways of meeting our responsibilities in meeting the anti-money laundering regulations during the lockdown as well as ways of digitally signing documents (where the Law allows).  These are all new ways of working that we will continue to use in the future.

Our criminal solicitors are active participants in the revolutions that are taking place in the courtrooms to allow the Criminal Justice System to continue to operate.  Our military Law solicitors have been used to using the military's video communication systems to meet with clients across the world and they have passed on their expertise to their colleagues in the firm.  Our Wills, Trusts and Probates solicitors are finding new ways of making sure that our clients get the legal documents that they need and our conveyancers have made sure that those clients that need to move have been able to do so despite the restrictions. 

Moving forward, all of this technology will make it even easier for our solicitors to help you with your legal needs in the future. 

Do you need to get advice about a dispute or a family problem?  Our experts can offer you telephone and video meetings and, once it is allowed again, you will be able to meet us in our offices.  

If you need more details on our arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic please look at our C-19 webpage but we think that you would rather just get on with life, which is why we are focusing on providing legal services in the best way that we can.