Agricultural Solicitors in Essex

Rural businesses across the region be they farmers, investors or landowners know they can count on us.

For more than 250 years we have worked alongside generations of farmers in Essex and our neighbouring counties.  

Our long history has allowed us to cultivate an unparalleled understanding of the agricultural and rural communities, expertise you and your family can use to preserve, unlock and enjoy the value of your business as farming continues to develop into an increasingly diverse enterprise.

Most of all our long agricultural history means we can make sure you not only receive the best possible advice but the highest level of service.  You will work with someone who knows you, your family, your business and what you want to achieve as well as someone who knows the agricultural world and how it works. 

And lastly, we will make sure you have access to any other advice you may need.  Over the last 250 years, we have developed strong working relationships with the other professionals involved in the agricultural and rural sectors whether that’s via our membership of the CLA and Essex Agricultural Society or via our relationships with the accountants and financial services who specialise in rural and agricultural business.

We know your sector inside out – so you may be surprised by how quickly we grasp your particular situation. Whatever you’re up against, rest assured you’ll get practical advice and clear answers that you need.

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